Connect the Ashtanga community by sharing the David Garrigues lineage through fostering a spiritual environment to develop a sustainable practice that cultivates a depth of awareness, holistic transformation, and the discovery of Self.


Our vision is to expand the opening of the Ashtanga Yoga community, by uncovering and sharing the lineage. We want to hold space for all, so we may help you discover that we are all our own healers. We foresee a Shala with dedicated students, full of bhakti, and elevated vibrations in the near future.


The method of practice taught in Ashtanga Yoga uses techniques including: postures, breathing, internal locks, gazing, meditation, and mindful rhythmic movement to train the mind to be fully present.. Applying these techniques consistently with attention and discipline strengthen the body and mind.  Ashtanga Yoga also expands your mind, and challenges your belief system, through this internal bodily awareness practice we can let go of old habitual ways of thinking, feeling, and acting. The Ashtanga (eight limbs) system empowers students to take their yoga into their daily life and develop a spiritual practice, to help you realize your Self and your purpose.

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