MYSORE (all-levels)

Ashtanga Yoga is learned in what’s called a "Mysore" class setting.

You will develop an individualized practice through the guidance of the teacher. The Mysore room is primarily silent, practitioners work independently, and the teacher is there to assist through verbal cues and physical adjustments. The teacher will not instruct as a whole, it is more like a private lesson in a group class setting. New to Ashtanga? Mysore class is ideal for beginners! Learn at your own pace, while being supported by the energy of the group. Through repetition and dedication your practice slowly builds into a self-practice with the necessary support and guidance of the teacher. 


You will be guided through the full primary series with minimal instruction. This is a traditionally counted Primary Series class. If you are not familiar with the entire sequence you will practice up to the posture you have learned in the Mysore room. You are welcome to sit and observe the remainder of the class.




MYSORE  Monday -Thursday 6:00-7:45am (Doors open at 5:45am)

LED PRIMARY Friday - 6:00am-7:30am

*New students must email before attending class. No drop-ins without approval.



Drop In $15

Monthly Unlimited  $115 - unlimited access to all class offerings

Payment rendered to Jordan Ryan cash/check, PayPal, or Venmo.