Jordan’s first form of movement was dance. Her love for movement deepened when she was introduced to Ashtanga Yoga in 2011. Ashtanga brought a familiar connection to stillness and spirit, as well as a meditation element she still continues to uncover in her teachings and self-practice. Jordan’s devotion to studying Ashtanga led her to her teacher David Garrigues, while working under the direction of David his teachings developed into an apprenticeship for Jordan in 2016. Through assisting David across the U.S. as well as internationally in India, his guidance, philosophy, and teachings in her daily practice, have transformed her work on and off the mat. Jordan’s teachings aim to honor her teacher David Garrigues and the lineage of his teacher Sri K Pattabhi Jois. Jordan continues to delve deeper into the layers of beauty in Ashtanga, and the community surrounding the practice.   




Kind words...

"The moment I walk into Jordan's studio I can feel the calm, grounding presence of the practice room. The first time I came to practice I instantly felt ASHTANGA LIVES HERE!!!  Jordan carries this feeling throughout her Mysore and led classes.  Her adjustments are decisive, strong, intuitive and nurturing.  Jordan's knowledge of Ashtanga Yoga is to be commended and gives her the experience to work with all levels of practitioners.  The tradition of Sri Pattabhi Jois and her teacher David Garrigues are always felt in the room."     -Bridgette

"Having herniated a disc (L4/5) a year ago, my physical activity was curtailed to just walking. As the pain receded, I was anxious to return to yoga but was afraid I would injure myself further - or worse - be unable to practice at all. I had been practicing with Jordan for some time, and she asked me to join her Mysore class to help restore my practice… and to trust her. Jordan’s care, attention, and knowledge of the body has led my Ashtanga progress in a safe, effective, and progressive manner. I was barely able to stand upright after my injury, but now have dramatically increased my mobility and grown my practice in a relatively short time. Even more, she has developed my mindset of what my practice can and should be, challenging me when I feel I’ve reached a limit, knowing when I have more to give. She has taught me to understand the more spiritual, internal side of the practice. And, I want to learn more. The energy, warmth, and kindness of this practice with Jordan has been inspiring. She gave me my life back." -Chris

"Jordan exemplifies gentle power. She teaches from her own inner work and is for me a human embodiment of the holistic transformative power of Ashtanga Yoga. She embodies both humility and power as a gatekeeper of knowledge. Jordan has respected and empowered each part of my own journey with Ashtanga, offering compassionate but strong instruction, and honoring each part of my learning process through seasons of both receptivity and resistance. As someone with a history of emotional/physical trauma, Ashtanga yoga has been an invaluable part of my healing and Jordan has guided me towards more self-compassion, self-empowerment, and safety in my body and spirit." - Sonya

 "Jordan is a gifted, passionate teacher and lives her values as both a yogi and a teacher in the Ashtanga lineage. I first studied with her through “Farm Yoga” classes she offered at the vegetable farm where I was working. I was immediately captivated by how my mind and body were changing, and by her attentiveness to help us healthily meet the demands of our very physical daily work. As I began attending more and more of her classes, I could no longer retreat from the call to daily practice.

Over the last year and a half, some of the most difficult times of my life, the gift of practice with Jordan not only sustained me but helped me grow through the difficulty and pain. The practice, and her encouragement, led my struggle through the tension between joy and sorrow that life often offers us. She has helped me achieve a level of life balance I knew was possible but had only admired from a distance. She knows how and when to push her students to inspire deeply rooted physical and spiritual change, staying highly empathetic with the growth process of taking up the daily practice. Everything comes out on the mat, as I’ve heard Jordan say, and I can’t imagine anyone better to catch and embrace all that emerges, than her." -Craig

"Jordan has contagious passion and devotion; there is a magical quality to her teaching style that connects sutra principles to every element of a posture. She holds space with sharp clarity and gentle presence that draws students into the heart of the Ashtanga practice. When I came to yoga, I brought in many competitive, harmful tendencies from years of addiction to running and high intensity workouts. Jordan immediately helped me start to heal my relationship with my body, breath, and mind. Studying under her has changed every aspect of my life.

Jordan meets every student where they need to grow. In her Mysore room, she’s tuned in to each person’s patterns and is as ready to stretch the overly cautious student as she is to insist on props for the injury-prone extremist. She moves easily between introducing a new student basic postures on one side of the room, and noticing a subtle change in breath in an advanced practitioner several mats away. She balances an incredible intuition with an intelligent, thorough education in Ashtanga. It’s clear that she is holistically committed to her calling and that she has the deep respect of everyone who practices with her." -Char

"As a teacher, Jordan is my favorite kind of contradiction: she celebrates where my practice is day to day while simultaneously challenging me beyond my perceived limitations. When I met Jordan, I realized the studio doesn’t make the difference--the teacher does--and I’ve been practicing with her ever since. She introduced me to Ashtanga  right before I got pregnant with my first child.Though the practice can seem so intimidating, she made it completely accessible for me--and since then has helped me reacquaint myself with my body and practice through and after two pregnancies. Jordan has a way of teaching that inspires you to get comfortable with the uncomfortable while respecting your body’s limitations. She often reminds me that it’s “little by little” that we get where we want to be." -Alejandra

"Jordan is an outstanding yoga instructor, easily the best I have ever worked with. She has a deep knowledge and understanding of the Ashtanga practice and it is amazing how your flexibility, strength and balance increase under her guidance. I cannot recommend her more highly." -Scott

Jordan has been a long time friend and fellow yoga practitioner.  It has been such a great joy watching her grow and step into her path as a confident, capable and skilled teacher and lineage holder of the Ashtanga Yoga tradition.  Her ability to share and extend this sacred knowledge and ignite the curiosity and interest of students continues to grow and develop.  It is rare to able to call one both a friend and teacher, but she has achieved this position for me and my trust in her as a personal friend and also as a teacher guiding my practice is unwavering. I look forward to more growth under her guidance and also continuing to watch her expand and positively influence the Kansas City yoga community." -Amberlie